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Jesse's Pedigree for your review!
    Jesse will be, I hope, a great asset to the Earth's Angels line. He's currently in training for the show-ring. I have high hopes that he will champion quckly because of his parentage (both champions) and the great lines he already shows as a puppy! Because I let my dogs run free in and about the house I had to make the hard decision to board him with the trainer until he is done being championed.
    Jesse's been to several shows and has done better and better every time I see him in the ring. Terry and Carolyn, Jesse's trainers/handlers, and have done very well training him. You should see him in the ring - he seems to love it there! He has won in the puppy group several times but hasn't won with the "big dogs". As you can see in the pictures he hasn't gotten his adult coat yet - we believe he'll win against the adults when his adult coat grows in.
    Here's Jesse, his adult coat is almost grown and we can hardly wait. Judges adore him but the "big dogs" always seem to win. Well, it won't be long now before we know if he's got the right stuff to be a champion!
    After he's done with "show camp" he'll return home to enjoy the wide-open spaces with the others. Isn't he absolutely adorable?

10-28-2000: Jesse makes Champion!
    Jesse just won his 15th point! Jesse is now a champion - with exactly 15 points when he won best of breed. He went on to win Group-4, gaining additional points there.

09-23-2000: Jesse wins another!
    Well, Jesse hasn't been to more than a couple shows between May and today for several reasons. But there was a show right here in Atlanta and Jesse was entered for today (the only day of the three shows this weekend). But he pulled off another major! He's now 1 point away from being a champion and then I can give him a nice short haircut so he can run and play like a normal dog and not have to worry about his hair getting messed up! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll get him in the ring in the very near future, it'll be a bit more of a wait to finish the job.

05-28-2000: Jesse wins another!
    Well, it's not another major but it's just as exciting. We're one point closer to the 15 points he needs to be a champion.

05-12-2000: Jesse Second Major!
    Jesse just won his second major. This means he only has to earn the total 15 points to be a champion. It ought to get a lot easier now that the two required "Majors" are out of the way. A major is three or more points won at a single show. Jesse's up to 9 points now!

04-09-2000: Jesse Wins Again!
    Jesse is on a roll now! Two wins back-to-back on the same weekend! We'd hoped that he'd start getting points when his hair grew out all the way, but this is even more than I could have hoped for!

04-08-2000: Jesse Gets 1st Major!
    Jesse won his first major today. A major is three or more points, the points being assigned depending upon the number of other dogs he must compete with. The higher the number of dogs he's competing with, the higher the points. Jesse needs two majors and a total of 15 points to become a champion. He just made it past one of his first big challenges!

02-28-2000: Jesse Gets 1st Point!
    Jesse's hair finally touched the floor and in his first showing with an adult coat at 1 year old he got his first point in Dothan, Alabama!